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Joshua Parker-Willis
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Current Residence: Australia
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Baroque/Classical/Romantic
Favourite photographer: Silas Middleton
Favourite style of art: Realism
Operating System: PC
Favourite cartoon character: Homer Simpson
Personal Quote: What you do in life and how you perceive it is limited to your imagination and creativity
Someone with imagination that can explain its meaning of existing is an artist.

All human minds are unique; we think differently, and we each perceive creativity as individualists. Strict-set works of art are not the only art form – we can see it everywhere - in fashion, video games, the music we listen to, sport, or moreover, the absolute peak of human capability and perfection. For this reason, a work of art, on the whole basis of perfection in what one could possibly achieve, is not limited to an artist's artistry or one's paintbrush to canvas. It requires little cognitive imagination to understand that the term art can be applied to any trace of creation, at any time, with any perception and language.

Art is a form of expression based on one's creativity, where creativity is a subtle terminology, which can be expressed through many means. Typically, a creative mind will put to work a sense of their imagination using their main tools of trade – the hands. Our hands give us great control of accuracy in creation, as we can carefully manipulate the art with maximum detail, whereas our feet for instance, are clumsy and would not be regarded as suitable tools for art-making. Though, art does not have to be an image of perfection, but rather an inflection of our creative minds at work; because of this, art can be made not only by human hands. Art, expressed by use of - colour, line, shape, texture, tone, pattern, space, and the principles of design – each formulate to present an idea on any physical material that will be used by the artist. Methods of expression are not restricted to your hands, but also other body parts, other living things – natural or animalistic, digitally, or a combination of interesting methods.

Art is usually composed with two concepts in mind – how it is created, and what is inferred from the work created. Perception of an artwork is not necessarily what the artist may have tried to portray, or did portray for that matter, but a reaction, as individuals, to both the intended and actual messages within the artwork. Either artist or art-appreciator may have been influenced with political or social values, or may have even used hallucinogenic substances, thus creating a particularly unusual varying representation of the style and context of artwork created.

Through the ages, artistic style has assertively evolved, and we can now see that what was or wasn't art, is now common ground for different cultural worlds to indulge in. During times passed, there were many great artists. From the likes of Vincent Van Gogh to Pablo Picasso, they have shaped and changed the way art is experienced today. Not always though, were they considered artistic greats. Even though he was so substantially creative and talented, Van Gogh's work was then known to only a handful of people and appreciated by fewer still. His commissions were overtly criticised, and at the time, never received the attention they so clearly deserved. Now, Van Gogh is seen as one of the greatest and most recognisably influential artists in history, with most works selling for millions around the world.

Art is such a vast concept, which implies the fact that so are its representations or styles. All throughout history there have been wars or fights, with petty differences and squabbles, or an indescribable thirst for power and world domination. What one culture believes is acceptable, another may consider with opposed understanding, and furthermore, be offended. This same discernment is seen often in art, alongside another's opposition towards the art provoking the offence. Offensive art is a means of expression all the same, but it may not be suitable for an average public exhibition. These types of arts include themes of nudity, gore, discrimination or disrespect, and values on each theme differ respectively in every person. They may not just be mere drawings, but actual physical expressions such as body painting, blood art, photo-manipulative nudity, bone art, etc.; it is an art that should be kept to one's self, or instead held in appropriate art based exhibitions or media networks.

The thin line between artistic beauty and sheer ugliness combines all aspects of creativity, opinion, culture and diversity around the world into a tiny little label described as aesthetics, or the idea of beauty itself. However, how does one discern the beauty of a toilet seat to the majesty of space and time? Well, you cannot; what is, and will ever be - is life. Life is neither ugly nor beautiful. Life cannot be described by words. And as humans created words, and we are creatures of our words, therefore we cannot grasp what is life; being unable to describe it, we express it with art. With no words, we can say that - Art is life, and art is everything.

By Joshua Willis

(Feel free to use my work in your own essays :D)
  • Listening to: Silence
  • Reading: My Essay
  • Watching: The Computer Screen
  • Playing: The Game Of Life
  • Eating: My Heart Out
  • Drinking: Water

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